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It’s not ghosting. Come and put on the outfit you always seek.

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Bring Halloween to Life: A next-gen Halloween for the FUN MOM-they turn your customers yards or businesses into an immersive Halloween experience with augmented realty.

No app, no special equipment. QR codes create the magic.

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Frequently Asked ?'s

Step 1: Define the outfit and makeup idea
Step 2: Purchase the desired Square costumes in 3 minutes
Step 3: Go out, smile and shine bright babe!

Tips for Posting

Shoot your own footage and/or use ours below are sample media posts - We will send with your code post options - be sure to add your REFERRAL CODE (which is sent via email).

SAMPLE: What is HalloweenAR:

SAMPLE: Get All 12 - Something for every Halloween Vibe

SAMPLE: How HalloweenAR Works

Sample Post: Be the epic house on the block - bring Halloween to life with digital ghosts, witches, mutants and more. Link in the bio and use my code XXXXX for 25% off - hurry these instant downloads will make Halloween unforgetable.

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Fun Halloween Messsages For Your Posts.

"Trick or treat yo' self." "Orange you excited for Halloween?" "Give 'em pumpkin to talk about." "I don't trust pumpkins. They're seedy." "Creep it real." "Hello, gourd-geous." "Eat, drink, and be scary." "Life is gourd." "Lift your spirits!" "Mummy of the year." "Happy Howl-oween." "Too cute to spook.""Howl you doin'?","Oh my gourd!""Trick or tequila.""#SquashGoals""Come as you aren't.""A scare is born.""Hallow-queen.""Frankly, I don't think I'm that scary.""Don't be a jerk-o-lantern.""Feeling gourd, like I should.""Looking for a bunny costume because it's hoppy hour.", You're the pick of the patch.""The zombie thinks this is the best thing since sliced head.""My costume is eerie-sistible.""Goblin candy all night.", "Witch, please.""Witch way to the pumpkin patch?""Basic witch.""If the broom fits, fly it.""Resting witch face.""Witchful thinking.""Witch and famous.""What's up my witches?""You say witch like it's a bad thing.""Bow down, witches.""Witch upon a star.""Witch better have my candy.""Keep calm and carry a wand.","You've got me under your spell.""Grab your broomstick so we can make a clean getaway.""Witching you a happy Halloween.", "Lazy bones.""Bone to be wild.""Laughing 'til I'm coffin.""Some people have no guts.""Bugs and hisses.""Do you play the trom-bone?""Dying to have fun.""Bone appetit!""You can't skele-run from my skele-puns.""I would make a skeleton joke, but you wouldn't find it very humerus.""Let's have some skele-fun.""This is a hip joint.""Spine on the dotted line.""No body won the skeleton race.""Where does a skeleton go for a fun night?" "Anywhere, as long as it's a hip joint.""I'm bad to the bone.","The ghostess with the mostest.""Ghouls just want to have fun""Why did the ghost cross the road?" "Because it was a poultry-geist.""I'm here for the boos.""Shake your boo-ty!""If you've got it, haunt it.""#Squadghouls""Haunting my exes.""Hey boo-tiful.""Where my ghouls at?""Boo Felicia.""Just hanging out with my ghoul friends.""More boos, please.""Demons are a ghoul’s best friend.""Hey boo, let's get sheet-faced.""Romeo and Ghouliet.""Boo-yah!""Fa-boo-lous!""Have an eek-tastic Halloween!""I go to the bars for boos.""I think I have deja-boo.""Demons are a ghouls best friend.""What's the best place to hide from ghosts? The living room.""Looking fa-boo-lous." - Taken from Country Living Magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do I share? The more you share, the more potential purchases, but as long as you share or email at least once, we are golden.

2. How do get paid? If you make more then $400, you will be paid each Friday for the week prior via Venmo, Zelle or ACH.

3. Is this taxed? HalloweenAR will send you a Misc. 1099. 

4. Can anyone be an ambassador?  If you have not been referred by someone our founder knows, she may reach out via email to confirm participation.

5. How do I contact you if I have more questions? Email

Meet Our Founder & Family

Halloween is filled with family fun. It is hard as a busy family to take the time and money to create these kind of memories - so I thought I could help make it easy.

Hi I am Lisa George. For decades our family has been creating Halloween experiences for our neighborhood - with a haunted pop-culture graveyard, fog machines, bubbles, video and so much more.

As an event planner by trade and an augmented reality junkie, I thought I could combine all this to create affordable & simple Halloween experiences for families nationwide. 

HalloweenAR - Bringing joy to life. 

We are on a quest to build a style sustainable community

HalloweenAR was founded by Instagrammer Lisa George @joymasterlisa - wife, mom and nana.